Centre Composite LTD is a joint venture of LNK Group (Latvia) and Progresstech (Russia).

LNK Group - 40 year experience of engineering, testing for aircrafts, construction and other fields. 1000+ employees.

Progresstech - 22 year experience of engineering services to aerospace and aviation transport industries. 1000+ employees in worldwide.

Centre Composite LTD main expertize is engineering services for aerospace. We offer to our clients a full range of services from virtual modeling and calculation methodics to full scale testing and documentation certification support. Our team of engineers includes 9 PhD and 10 MSc and has extensive experience and competence in calculating aircraft crucial parts and joints made of composite materials or alloys.

We specialize in full engineering support of the following:

  • fatigue and damage tolerance analysis;
  • residual strength after impact analysis;
  • delamination analysis;
  • composite repairs analysis;
  • mechanical joints analysis;
  • engineering tools programming (PCL, VBA etc.);

Our scientific laboratory can perform experimental real sample testing to determine the physical and mechanical characteristics of laminated composite materials under static and high-level loads along with temperature, humidity and time factors.

We are working with Sukhoi, Agusta Westland, Airbus Helicopters, Kamov, Russian Helicopters, FACC, Aerocomposit and others.

ISO 9001:2008 certified.



Engineering is our passion