Main activities

Strength and failure analysis of aircraft parts

  • FE modeling, including nonlinear geometrical and material behavior, fastened joints modeling, progressive damage, contact modeling, etc.
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance analysis
  • Residual strength after impact or delamination
  • Weight and topological optimization


Development of analytical and numerical methods for estimating behavior of advanced composite materials and structures under static, dynamic, and thermal loads. Including:

  • Strength of mechanically fastened composite joints based on bearing-bypass interaction
  • Residual strength and impact zone analysis of a low and high velocity impact on a stiffened composite panel
  • Weight optimization of stiffened panels
  • Progressive failure analysis of panels with holes and cracks
  • Evaluation of thermal residual stresses generated during the processing of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites

Development of engineering tools (PCL, VBA, C++, etc.)

Experiments, planning test programs, and processing of test results

  • Designing test fixtures and load schemes for structural testing of aircraft parts (composite and alloy)
  • Test program planning (bearing-bypass, low and high velocity impact test, interlaminar fracture toughness,  joint pull-through test, etc.)
  • Processing results and calculating material properties