Companies of LNK Group

LNK Aerospace

unites four companies that provide different services in aviation industry.

Founder of the LNK Group holding company Aleksander Milov started his professional career in the aviation field in the 1960s. In 1972 under his direction a laboratory that specializes in full-scale structural and service life testing of aircraft in stands was established in Riga. Later this laboratory became the basis of aviation services business direction within the LNK Group holding company - LNK Aerospace.

Centre Composite

Centre Composite specializes on strength analysis of most defendant aviation technology knots that are made of composite materials. We collaborates with Sukhoi, Agusta Westland, Airbus Helicopters, Kamov, Russian Helicopters, FACC, Aerocomposit.


Aviatest specializes in aviation technology testing. The company is certified to perform tests on aviation technology produced in the European Union and in the Russian Federation.

Currently Aviatest participates in an international programme NICETRIP that develops a new age helicopter – convertiplane. Various in the Russian Federation produced samples of aviation technology are also being tested in this laboratory: Sukhoi SuperJet 100 airframe, MS-21 frame fragment, helicopters МI-24, KA-62 and МI-32 airframes.


AviaTech Service is a MRO (Maintenance and Repair Organization) type company and it operates according to Part 145 and FAP145 standards. The company specializes on aircraft improvements according to service bulletins, as well as technical maintenance of aircrafts. AviaTech Service was established in 2013 and it is located in international airport „Riga”.

AviaTech Bureau

AviaTech Bureau is an engineering-juridical bureau that specializes in organization of air worthiness certificate getting procedure in EASA of Russian-sourced helicopters for exploitation in the EU territory. AviaTech Bureau also organizes procedures for getting certification for the Russian-European helicopters ARMAK for exploitation in the Russian Federation territory.