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Curved Beam Strength

The CBS (“Curved Beam Strength”) program solves the bending problem of the layered orthotropic curved beams. Any number of layers with different orientations and any number of materials are allowed. The solution gives the full 3D stress-strain state in all layers in global and local coordinate systems.

The CBS (“Curved Beam Strength”)  program finds the stresses of the layered curved beam loaded by the force or bending moments as shown in Figure 1. The beam may consist of any number of layers, made from isotropic or orthotropic materials with arbitrary angle to the X coordinate axis (see Figure 2) so that 0° fibers wrap around the corner and 90° fibers are straight.    

Graphical user interface is used to specify material properties, apply loads and view the results.



Demo version Installer.exe

CBS User Manual

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