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The ACDC (“Analytical Calculation of Defects in Composites”) program uses the analytical solution of an anisotropic plate with hole to estimate the residual strength of the laminate loaded by membrane forces and bearing load.

The solution of the laminate with hole loaded by the bearing force and far-fields membrane forces is obtained using Lekhnitskii’s formalism by decomposing the load into two problems (Figure 1):

1. anisotropic plate with open hole loaded by far-field membrane forces;

2. anisotropic plate with open hole with distributed forces at the boundary of the hole.

The analysis of the residual strength is based on the critical distance theory. The critical distance theory is an empirical method, where it is assumed that failure occurs when the stresses exceed the critical value at some distance from the stress concentration (edge of the hole in our case). This distance is called characteristic distance and is though as a material parameter, allowing to estimate the residual strength of the laminates with stress concentration of different geometries (Figure 2). For an open hole analysis the modification of the above method is used. Two characteristic curves will be used in this case, one for tensile load and one for compressive load. The curves are represented by ellipses, therefore four characteristic distances need to be calculated, as shown in Figure 3:

Graphical user interface is used to specify material properties, apply loads and view the results.

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